Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Travels with Tutu: Rome

Rome was the first stop on our adventure, although it was not the first visit for either of us. Bob had been there on one of his first Navy cruises years ago, just before we married, and I had been there on business trips in 98 and 2002. So we had both seen the basics and since Bob had seen less than I, it was his choice where to go. Our hotel knew we were coming early and had our room ready so our first step was a morning nap. These old bones didn't do well at all with the overnight flight and the time change. Our bodies said it was 4AM but the clock said it was 10AM. Once we rested we were off for a wonderful lunch at my favorite trattoria " Alberto e Graziella" on Via del Macherino. A good ensalata mista, a plate of Graziella's homemade pasta with her heavenly sauce that is as close to my nona's as one can get, and a huge bottle of acua naturelle, had us refreshed and on our way to see Castel Sant Angelo. I had climbed this puppy before, and so I sat in the shade indulging in my first of many pistachio gelatos while Bob took the camera and went off and up to see the sights. Then we ambled (it was too hot to stroll) over to the Vatican to see once again Michaelangelo's always amazing Pieta, and the newly opened basement crypts. They were just opening those when I was there before. We spent the rest of the afternoon just strolling around, looking at statues, peeking in churches and stopping for espressos and gelatos. A pizza dinner al fresco in Piazza del Rigornimento, followed by huge bowls of gelato, ended the day. Next day, we took an early morning stroll again, just soaking in the flavor, having croissants and espressos, checking in at the USO to say thanks for all their help, and then headed for the ship in Civitavecchia, a 90 minute ride. Once onboard, we strolled some more (you can put in some miles on a cruise ship), signed up for Bob's internet account, checked out the library, the buffet lunch, the pools, and got unpacked. By the time we sailed we were only wishing we'd added one more day at the beginning to allow more time in Rome ( you can never see it all!) and more time to get over jet lag. You can see all the pictures on our public facebook album for Rome

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  1. I have never been to Rome, but I would certainly agree that an extra day or two there would have been great. I have serious Rome envy...serious.


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