Sunday, September 13, 2009

Calling Historical Fiction Fans

The first ever Historical Fiction Round Table begins tomorrow. I've always been a fan of HF, and haven't done as much this year as previously because I've been trying to branch out into other areas. But I'm sure going to be peeking at this all week long. There are giveaways, chats with authors, and several just plain fun activities. Participating blogs include some of my favorites: Marie at The Burton Review Lucy at Enchanted by Josephine Arleigh at Amy at Passages To The Past Allie at Hist-Fic Chick Lizzy at Historically Obsessed Heather at The Maiden's Court They all have posts about their schedules, so pick what fits yours best. Let's dust off those pomanders, send for our stately steeds (or coaches) and get to the party! See you there.


  1. Hi Tina:) Thaqnks sp much for entering my giveaway- and I'm so glad you're now a follower as well. You've got a great blog and I'm following you too!


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