Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Travels with Tutu: French Riviera

We awoke to this gorgeous day, anchored out in Monte Carlo. The harbor was full of really, really, really expensive private yachts--think a parking lot full of Ferraris. But it was beautiful. We took the ship's tender into Monte Carlo, where we boarded a bus for a trip along the Middle Cornish (like a freeway) thru Nice, Villefrance and then up to the medieval walled city of Ez. Not like Dorothy going to Oz I assure you. This beauty was way way up on the top of a hill (I'd call it a mountain), and I don't think they had too much worry about being attacked. We got to a certain point and I opted out. My knees were doing well, but looking up (like straight up) at many many steps (uneven, and with not good hand rails), I stayed resting on the side of the road. This was my view looking up. There was a wonderful Perfumerie and une petite cafe at this location, so all was not lost. As we say in our family, "When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping." My french, not used for years, was rusty, but actually came back quickly, and I spent a lovely air conditioned, sweet smelling 1/2 hour conversing with the shop's proprietress. Bob continued the climb to the top and later admitted that even he had difficulty...he was glad I chose to remain below. His view, seen here was spectacular! Next we drove through Villefrance, where Bob had been on his Navy ship back in the 60's. and then on to the gorgeous street markets of Nice. We wandered thru blocks of gorgeous flowers of every color and variety, bought some souvenirs, and simply enjoyed the sunshine of the Riviera. Finally, our guide rounded us up, led through a labyrinth of narrow dark streets to a small ristorante below ground where we tasted wines and cheeses and good fresh bread. I was way happier than I look in this picture. Lunch was bon gusto!. There were stops on the way back at the obligatory cathedrals - already on the third day they were beginning to blur together. Back to the ship to settle in for a quiet day at sea. As we sailed off from Monte Carlo west, we were delighted with this glorious sunset: The entire photo album is on Facebook (don't need an account to see them.)

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  1. wow....you really took some fabulous pictures. welcome back.


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