Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Travels with Tutu: Naples and Sorrento

Our last day! We docked in Naples - where we had both been before, had a quick breakfast and set out on another all-day tour. This one took us first down the coast of the beautiful bay of Naples with Vesuvius in the background, and then to one of my favorite towns: Sorrento. Bob had never been there and he was as enchanted as I was. The drive down the coast was just beautiful, even with the blessedly overcast skies. Everyone agreed we really didn't need more sun. Some of the coastal views were breathtaking --as were the hairpins turn Salvatore, our driver was adept at making in this huge bus. When we arrived in Sorrento, we first went to a shop that specializes in inlaid wood pieces (a real specialty of the town). We were shown how the artisans take a drawing, use a very fine saw to cut various jigs of the design, and then cut the layers of wood which are pressed together and sealed with layers of polyester. Many were so beautiful you wanted to take them all home, but I've not yet won the lottery, they remain in situ in Sorrento. In fact, I even forgot to take pictures I was gaping so much. (I had bought several small jewelry boxes on my last trip in 2002 so we really weren't running on empty.) Then we were dispatched to shop, stroll, and enjoy (we did our fair share of keeping the global economy going) before meeting back at a local restaurant for yet another delicious lunch. This one included canneloni (one of Bob's favorites), a gorgeous baked fish (I think it was cod) with peppers and onions, and a lovely tiramisu, with a nice wine to wash it all down. After lunch we decided to brave the last cathedral on the cruise, and we were both happy we did. It was one of the more beautiful, particularly inside. The silver altar was awe-inspiring, and everywhere the richness of the art, the statues, the carvings was truly a delight for the senses. Then we were off to Pompeii...and what a fitting end to our touring. It was so fabulous that it deserves its own post. The Naples and Sorrento photos are here. For those of you who tried earlier, my apologies...the link is now working.


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