Friday, September 11, 2009

Reviews: I'm getting there

Just so you don't panic...this IS a book blog, and I AM reading. I had planned to spend today finishing Knit Two and Brutal Telling, but I forgot that today was the day we scheduled the 'tree guys' to come and take down five huge oak trees that are in our front yard.

It seems when we built the house five years ago, their poor root systems got damaged and never recovered. We've been nursing them along, but they have been pronouced very dead, and since they are way too close to the house to survive a good storm, we decided to convert them to firewood (especially since we converted to heating by woodstove last year.) SO.....the buzz buzz buzz of three chain saws and a big deisel motor on the cherry picker, are not providing an atmosphere conducive to quiet reading.

Since it's going down to the low 40's at night now, I will just have to be happy with reading in front of the fire instead.

Anyway, I've finished the Truman mystery, have only one disc to go on Knit Two and am more than half-way thru Louise Penny's newest Inspector Gamage story, so reviews will be up in a couple days.

Let's all enjoy what's left of summer.'s the after shot....
quiet has returned (for now.)

1 comment:

  1. A shame about the trees...but think of all that firewood!

    I found it hard to get back to reviewing after getting home from vacation.
    Who am I kidding. I always find it hard to start writing a review. :-)


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