Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BBAW- The TBR pile

Well today's event for BBAW is to show the pile of books we hope to read by the end of 2009....this basically what I did back on August 18, so I'll just show the piles again...they haven't gone down too much (you may have noticed I was otherwise engaged for a couple weeks), but I still have high hopes to get to many of them.  It's so comforting to be surrounded by all of these.  I know if we get snowed in here in Maine, I won't be bored.  If you missed my reading schedule, here's the link to the original post.


  1. I used to keep my TBR pile in an actual pile but it was so high, it was getting a bit depressing. The pressure was too much.

    So I just moved it into several smaller piles. Much better!

  2. I agree...I have them on these bookcases, so I can see them all the time and be tempted. Actually my biggest clean up at the moment is to shelve the books I've read in the past 3-4 weeks. I usually do a Friday morning office cleanup, but I'm at least a month behind, and the piles are getting depressing.

  3. just me again...I saw a picture of your bookshelves on KyusiReader and I am totally overcome with envy. Totally "I am Going To Hell" envy.

    Can I come live with you? Please?

  4. Whoa...thanks for the heads up....I promised myself I wasn't going blogging this am until I did some honest to gosh work in my day job, but now I have to go look. Thanks for the heads up. Book lovers may come anytime, but your books will have to go in the attic (or the basement or the garage...hmmm maybe we should build a shed..

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