Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's Favorites from the Past: The Tudor Rose

This meme started as My Favorite Read by Alyce at At Home with Books.  On Fridays, if we're not too busy, (you may laugh) and can remember that far back, I'm supposed to feature a book that was one I enjoyed years ago before I started blogging.  There are so many to choose from.  But this week, since we've been doing the Historical Fiction week in addition to BBAW, my choice is easy.  Margaret Campbell Barnes was an author I devoured in my formative years...She had princesses, and romantic knights, and kings, and beautiful dresses and castles, and there was some history in there too, which I absorbed almost without knowing it.  I could hardly wait for the bookmobile to come and bring another of her books.  While written for adults, they are very readable for any pre-teen and up.

Now I notice that several of her books have been reissued in paperback and I could not be happier.  These books are wonderful introductions to the world of HF for the next generation who can get some romance, history, and even a little intrigue without having to read some of the more raw stuff being printed these days.  Accuracy doesn't necessarily mean I need all the nitty gritty.

Barnes introduced me to that naughty lady Anne Boleyn, and to the strength and influence of women like Elizabeth of York about whom my favorite, The Tudor Rose was written.  There are at least 10 works listed in LT by this author, and I 've only read 4 others. Brief Gaudy Hour, My Lady of Cleves, Kings' Fool, and Isabel the Fair.  They'd all be candidates for a re-read if I come across them.   I know my parents had a couple of these, but I suspect they have long gone the way of the wringer washer. I'll have to start haunting the used book sales.


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  3. I have only read one book by Margaret Campbell Barnes, and it was My Lady of Cleves which I really enjoyed. It's nice to hear that her other books are good too.

  4. I think these are ones that would be interesting to read now that 40 years have past to see if my fond memories still meet the test today.

  5. I read this reissue recently, in fact... Monday my review posts =)

    I enjoyed it also, and My Lady of Cleves is sitting on my shelf as well for me. She is a wonderful "Classy" author, I love the feel of her writing, almost like a Jean Plaidy read.


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