Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mini Review: Knit Two

This work continues the story of the women involved in Jacob's first novel: The Friday Night Knitting Club. I was prepared to be disappointed, but was not. Many sequels fall flat, but this one, while perhaps spending a bit too long reviewing who all the characters were and what happened to them in FNBC, carries forward with their lives and presents us with a growing up Dakota, a more mature Darci, and definitely fleshes out the personalities of Katherine, and Anita, who had been strong, but not center stage before. It was an especially pleasant audio I listened to while unpacking from our big trip. If you haven't read the first one, this will still stand on its own, but reading them in order gives a much richer experience. She certainly has left room for another, but will have to be careful not to let the characters go flat. This book doesn't have much plot, it's all character, so keeping them alive and interesting will be a challenge.


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