Monday, September 14, 2009

BBAW: My Shortlist

This is Book Blogger Appreciation Week, and since I was gone, I haven't gotten too involved in any of the activities planned. The wonderful folks sponsoring this event have graciously provided "prompts" to help us celebrate. Today's prompt: Write a post thanking and spotlighting your favorite blogs that didn’t make the shortlists. This is not as easy as it looks. There are literally hundreds of blogs out there and there's no way I'll ever get to read each and every one. I think we all find the ones that speak to us, and those are the first ones we go to on our feeders every morning. So here are a couple of my favorites: Alyce of At home with Books - her site is visually and cerebrally (is that a word?) so pleasant that I find myself always thrilled to see a new post in the feeder. Plus she has some wicked good contests. Kelly at The Novel Bookworm - she has a sense of humor that matches my own, and she hooked me with her online invitation to 'grab a cup of coffee and a cookie (or two) and let's talk about books'. Coffee, cookies and books? What's not to like? Her site is well designed (I'm jealous) easy to navigate, and always a welcoming spot. Caite's A lovely shore breeze She quotes Emily Dickinson, she loves beaches and lighthouses, and her Tuesday Thingers Meme is one of my favorites. Library Thing (LT) is my all time favorite book site, and Caite helps us all get the most out of it. There are so many many more I'd like to mention, but there are also 100's of books waiting to be read. Enjoy your week. Have you hugged a book blogger today?


  1. I humbly thank you.
    I was not away, so I blame my lack of BBAW participation on general laziness, a very long 12 work day schedule this week...and my lack of ability to make decisions. The thought of picking favorite blogs is so hard...
    But of course I read your faithfully. I have live in Maine!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! I need to go check the other two blogs - I love coffee, cookies, and Emily Dickinson. :)

  3. I LOVE these blogs as well, and yours is great too!

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out! I'm embarrassed that I haven't done anything for the BBAW, and I don't even have the excuse that I've been gone. I just never seem to have the time that I want to do the fun stuff! I haven't seen Caite or Alyce's blogs, thanks for the heads up, I think I'll meander over there next.

    Especially thanks for the nice comment about my blog. I've been wanting to redesign it, I like the white background and style of yours! But I'm too darn lazy to re-do all that pesky html, and I completely crashed and burned trying to figure out css. I won't be going there again!!

    Have a great week!


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