Thursday, September 17, 2009

BBAW: I read it because of Bloggers

Today we're supposed to blab about books we'd never have found without being a book blogger.  Most of my finds have come from the ARCs I discovered while blogging. I'd never read Michael Connelly, or George Pelecanos; I had a chance to read Sacred Hearts, and Labor Day, and Brutal Telling without having to get in line at the library. 

Of course, I'm going to be honest and say that except for ARCs, most of my book suggestions and new ideas (and there have been over 50 of them) have come from my reading challenge buddies over on LibraryThing.  I would never have read authors like Stephen King, Donna Leon, Monica Wood, and too many others to mention.  It's been an incredible year (I've read 117 books so far) and I look forward to seeing what's up next.

So here's to all of you--Let's go read.


  1. I loved Stephen King for over 25 yrs. but never heard of the other two! Have to check them out!!

  2. I would agree with you about Library Thing. I have found so many new authors, that are now on my favorites list by participating in group reads and taking recommendations on the forums.


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