Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ahoy Me Heartys!

As the current batch of younger than me folks might say: "I am so LOL"!!!  I logged onto my LibraryThing account this morning to be greated with an entire new vocabulary, tab labels, etc.  Today is International "Talk Like a Pirate Day, and those zanies over at LT are celebrating in style.  If you've never checked out the  site, today would be a really fun time to look at it.  Not only can you catalog your books, track your wishlists, chat with folks who have similar (or dissimilar) reading tastes, you can learn to talk pirate.
You can see an example of the pirate talk on my library in LT here

For more info on this fun way to spend a fantastic fall (ok, ok, it's still officially summer, but here in Maine, it's autumn) day, you can check out the origin of all this craziness at International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Back to reading...we must have a book about pirates around here...

Edited 9/20/09: AARRR.....seems the bloomin' mates over at LT were serious about Pirate DAY ..the pirate language is gone....Like most things in life, it was fun while it lasted...oh to write.


  1. I missed posting about Talk Like a Pirate Day today, like I did last year. Glad someone picked up the slack!

    Yes, I am not sure if that is new or not, but I was quite amused when I logged into Library Thing today. Just another reason LT is so wonderful, whatever the BBAW awards say.

  2. I loved signing into Library Thing today and being treated to 'Talk Like a Pirate'. It was very funny and made me laugh. I had never heard about TLAP day until today. I think it is great!


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