Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend Cooking

I'm late getting on this train, but with as much food posting/tasting/talking as I do, I'm hopping onboard.  Beth Fish Reads sponsors this weekly meme where we foodies can chat about cookbooks, cooking gadgets, recipes, or anything else gustatory. Be sure to stop over there to find other terrific weekend cooking posts.

This weekend marks 'official' the beginning of 'summah' here in Maine. While it's still chilly compared to temps down south, our skies are that gorgeous clear blue, and the air is fresh and invigorating.  We returned from our recent trip south to visit family and found ourselves longing for (what else?) lobstah!   In fact, I hadn't even finished my question "Lobster Ok for dinner?"  when hubbie was smiling and shouting "YES" across the room. So after running errands, picking up the mail, and mowing the lawn, we headed for our nearby seafood shack (only 3 minutes away!), picked out two big bubbas, watched them go into the steamer, and came home to add some fresh cole slaw, and a big bowl of melted butter to enjoy the most delicious seafood ever hatched in the sea.

Imagine our surprise when we realized we both were suffering from "eyes bigger than tummy" disease!  Aw shucks, that leftover lobster now becomes lunch today.  The lobster roll is perhaps the most famous dish sold in Maine and I often buy an extra lobster just so we do have enough left for sandwiches next day.   There are as many varieties and recipes for this simple sandwich as there are mommas who serve lunch.  As with the crab cakes I enjoyed so much last week, for me less is more.

You need nothing more than a tiny bit of chopped celery, your favorite mayo, some good lobster meat and a good roll.  Forget all the fancy-smancy additions and permutations you see in various articles, TV shows and cookbooks.  This is the real deal.  We use those wonderful New England style hot dog rolls which I'd never seen until I got to Maine.  Our mid-atlantic rolls open from the side.  New Englanders open from the top. Whichever bun you use, the result is mouth-watering, tummy filling, and soul satisfying.
These are so beloved that even McDonald's has them on the menu in Maine.


  1. I LOVE lobster them. Did I mention I love them? I do.
    Who sells the best one IYHO?

    I remember the first time I saw one at a Maine funny...and not half bad for the

  2. I came to "discover" your blog and I find you participating in Weekend Cooking. How great that you are joining in.

    I have lived in the midwest for most of my life so all-things-lobster is new to me. I have never eaten it or a lobster roll, nor did I know people cut their rolls in half from the top. Imagine that! Travel is so educational, even if it's only virtual travel.

  3. When we go to Maine (as often as we can), we eat lobster rolls almost every day. What could possibly be better? Each restaurant makes them a little bit different, but YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

  4. Lobster that you buy whole and take apart yourself? Wow! You live in a totally different world from me. I think I've seen a lobster or two in a restaurant aquarium before, but that's it.

    I love lobster soup, though (from a can).

    BTW I live in the Netherlands, but not near the sea.

    My Weekend Cooking post is on my blog:

  5. I LOVE Maine and I LOVE lobster rolls. We eat them every day (sometimes twice!) whenever we visit.
    Glad you joined in for Weekend Cooking... It's nice to meet you.

  6. I don't remember Lobstah rolls when I was there? Are you holding out on me?

    I guess I'll just have to settle for Pappas' crab cakes instead.

    Cheli's Shelves

  7. Love lobster. Lobster eating requires a hammer, a large knife and a table covered in newspaper. We buy them right off the wharf. I'm an east coast girl too only north of you in Nova Scotia. ;)


  8. Did I mention that I love lobster? yes, perhaps I

  9. Extra lobstah? Mwahahahahahahahahah honey, there ain't no such thing! That's the first thing we do when we make the "big annual trek north" have lobstah. YUM YUM YUM If you're ever in Mashpee (Cape Cod) at the rotary is the Mashpee Fish and Lobster where they will steam them for you or you can buy lobster meat by the pound. It takes 5 lbs. of lobster to make a lb. of meat so if you dont feel like messing with the carcass- just buy the meat.

  10. Ok...the best ones? I happen to think the ones made right here at our little town general store, "The Keag" (prounounced Gig) are best, followed by those from the lobster shack at Cape Elizabeth state park.

  11. Those New England buns have thankfully become popular enough in PA that we can find them at the supermarket. Dave won't eat any other kind. As for lobstah, Dave steams them himself, then settles down at the table with a pair of crackers (like for nuts), a bunch of paper towels, real melted butter, sweet pickles (a must), and a 1 1/4 lb lobster or more likely 2 of them and feasts. For some reason, I've lost my taste for lobster. Go figure. :(


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