Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Salon -

This Sunday, Mother's Day, promises to be a rather disjointed one for me.  I'll be spending the day with my darling spouse of 42+ years, but not with either my children, grandchild, or my own mother--all of whom are out of town.  We do plan a 'belated' Mom's day trip later this month, so we'll catch up on all the hugs at that time. 

Hubs and I plan to spend the morning at Church--we have the bishop coming for First Communion and Confirmation and since we're in the choir, we'll be busy singing our hearts out.  Then we'll be helping with the reception afterwards.  Once we get home, we plan to prop our feet up, and have a simple meal of pasta and salad, along with a nice glass of wine. Later, we'll have a dish of homemade icecream from our favorite stand down the road.  Hopefully, the Red Sox will put on a better performance that they've been producing lately.

I'm sure we'll delve into a few books, and I may do a little stitching (I'm still doing canvass prep for the heron).  I'm actually hoping to spend a little time rearranging my TBR shelf to sort out the books I am determined to get to in May and June, and I also need to sort out all the books my sister Cheli (of Cheli's Shelves) wants me to bring down to Maryland to trade later this month.

To all of you who are mothers, god-mothers, step-mothers, grand-mothers, aunties, daughters, nieces, and   nurturers of others, I wish you a restful, love-filled, Happy Mother's Day, and send a huge virtual hug.

And Remember to Call Your Mama today!!!


  1. Thanks for the wishes. i won't be with my children or with my mother either, but will soon remedy that! Happy Mother's Day!

    Hope you visit my Sunday Salon

  2. Happy Mothers Day to you too! It sounds like you have some fun activities planned.

  3. Gave Mom an extra hug and kiss last night for you.

    What are the big plans for the day after Mom's day?

  4. Happy Mother's Day Tina. It was a freezing one weather wise, and we may be in for frost tonight. CRAZY (My poor new flowers).

  5. Sounds like you had a great mother's day! 42+

  6. Sounds like a nice Mother's Day, especially the pasta and ice cream. I hope you enjoyed it.


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