Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monthly books Clubs - slow going

We just returned from a trip south to visit family.  It was a much busier trip than I suspected, so I'm really behind on my reading.  I have three book club discussions coming up in the next week, and I'm just not going to make it.  The mystery book club meets tomorrow night, and we were supposed to read something  by Kaitlyn Dunnit.  I had checked out Stone Cold Dead from our library, but never got the cover even opened.   So I'm going to pass on that one (since I'm pooped anyway from the 10 hour drive).

I'd been trying to listen to EMMA for another group (they don't meet until next Wednesday) but that is one book that is going NOWHERE in audio, so I took grand-daughter, the nine year old who is reading the third volume of Stephanie Myer's Twilight series, to Barnes and Noble (I wanted to check out the NOOK) and while she was putting several good ones in her basket, I discovered a good copy of Emma on the bargain table for $4.60.  But it appears that this volume did not make it home with me.  I'll have my daughter-in-law send it up, but I'll have to get a library copy if I have any hope of getting through it by next week.

I'm also about half-way through  A Separate Country, and that was finally picked up about page 80.  I was almost ready to give up, but since I was the one who suggested this read, I felt I had to stick to it.  Glad I did.  I should be able to finish it by the Monday deadline.

So......I'm going to get two of these done, and get back on track with my languishing ARCs for June and July.


  1. We may have crossed on the highway. We were in ME to visit friends and it was cold and rainy the day we left. Very very chilly at Nubble Light, that's for sure. Came home to 90 degrees. I'll fondly remember the day at Nubble to get me through the FL summer! Hope you had a wonderful trip and will get caught up on your reading.

  2. I'm glad you finally got into A Separate Country. It's one of my favorite books of the past year. Maybe it was just the trip that made it slow going.

  3. Glad you gave me a heads up on A Separate Country - it's on my list for June.

    It was good to see you!

    Enjoy all those books I sent North.


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