Thursday, May 20, 2010

Real Crab

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As we've traveled around the world, several versions of the crab cake have made their way to my plate.  However, since I was raised on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, I don't consider any crustacean to be REAL CRAB except the the Chesapeake Blue Crab - served either steamed with Old Bay seasoning, or as pictured in a REAL CRAB CAKE.  This beauty - the best I have ever had, came from Pappas' restaurant in Baltimore, (within walking distance of my girlhood home).  They know to let the crab stand out on its own, and use just enough mayo to hold those chunks together, and just enough spice to remind your taste buds they exist. Mom and I went there for dinner for a belated  birthday and Mother's day was a memorable meal and the above is actually what was left from my crab cake platter (think of a baseball and you'll have the approximate size of this beauty!)

If you've never had Chesapeake crab, you must get some when you're near the Bay.  Accept no substitutes.  They are as good as any Maine lobster and can't compare with Alaskan or Gulf crabs - don't even try!


  1. Mmmmm! That looks so delicious my mouth is watering. Too often crab cakes are dry and cooked to death.

  2. I might give you an argument on the lobster...but I will agree that Blue crab is the best...and the best crabcake is ALL about the crab.

    and surprising easy to make, if you have the crab.

  3. I'm from Baltimore too so I know what you speak of! This does indeed look yummy. Makes me want to go get some this weekend! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. As Tina's sister, I've shared these Crab cakes with Mom too.

    If you're interested you can have them shipped to you. They're worth every penny.

    Bon Appetit!
    Cheli's Shelves


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