Monday, May 31, 2010

May Wrap-Up

Whew!  what a month. I feel almost as if I accomplished nothing in the realm of reading, but I did have a great visit with mom, the kids, the grand daughter (what a delight she is), and also got to see all three of my sisters.

I did manage to complete the 75 books in 2010 challenge on - 7 months early, so that counts.  And I certainly hauled in a lot of new books, even thought they're technically 'on loan' from my sister Cheli.  So what's the count?

I read 4, abandoned 2 (one so bad I didn't even bother to blog it), and listened to 4 others.  I guess 8 books is not a bad count considering that I was definitely otherwise occupied for 10 of those thirty days.

I do have every intention  of getting back in the saddle for June and July to clear out ARCs.  I spent 4 hours yesterday cleaning out my blog feeder and catching up on reading all of your posts.  I did ruthlessly delete those blogs that hadn't posted something I was interested in for at least 90 days---sorry, but I figure if I only give a book 50-60 pages to grab me, then 90 days is more than enough for a blog.  I entered a lot of contests, and posted a boatload over on the giveaway sidebar, so be sure to get those entries in.

I still have to finish A Separate Country for this month's book club, I want to continue my president's bio reading a little each week (I just started "The Last Founding Father") by Harold Unger and I have to read a book by Nancy Pickard for the mystery book club the end of June.  So I'm setting my goal for June to finish:

The Swimming Pool by Holly LeCraw
Exit Music by Ian Rankin
A Dog About Town by J.F.Englert
Happy Hour by Michele Scott
The Lotus Eaters by Tatjana Sol
The Last Surgeon by Michael Palmer (the man was nice enough to send me an autographed copy - you'd think I could get to it!!!)
The Executor by Jesse Kellerman

As soon as the smoke in the air (from the Canadian brush fires) clears, the deck beckons...

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  1. You had a great month. I agree that it does feel good to clear up that blog feeder from time to time.


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