Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Salon

This week I'm spending Sunday with my granddaughter. We haven't yet made great plans -chillin' with a good book is high on everyone's list. It's been a busy week for us visiting everyone, and we'll all up for some veg time.

We may make one more trip to the big bookstore near my son's home. In Maine we have to drive over an hour to get to a big bricks and mortar book store, although we have several delightful Indies closer by - Second Read Books in Rockland being my favorite.

I do want to go to B&N and investigate the nook however, so we will probably go this afternoon and check it out. I've been very well behaved this trip, only bought three books so far- they have a decent selection of current best sellers at the Post Exchange, and lord knows the DC area has more than its share of military facilities.

I'll fill you in on any treasures I find later. In the meantime, get outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. HOT old mr. Summer will be here before you know it.


  1. Hae fun with your granddaughter! Looking forward to a visit from mine later in the summer! Harvee
    My Sunday Salon

  2. Second Read Books...writing that down for next Maine trip... ;-)

  3. Didn't I give you enough books when you were here?


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