Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Salon - The Big Blue Heron

So here's my newest Sunday multi-tasking piece - I have the yarn assembled and the cloth marked out, but haven't yet started. We have several of these birds that come to visit in our quarry pond at the head of our lot, and seeing them rise up out of the reeds and fly over is a sight I never get tired of.  I have this piece, and a matching white egret to do as a headboard for our room.  I especially love the dragonfly over in the lower left of the work.....we have tons of these gorgeous creatures buzzing the pond in summer, and I can't get enough of them. I just have to keep doing a bit at a time, and maybe on my tenth blogaversary in 2019 I'll have it finished. In the meantime, I'll have to be content with the real birdies.

In the meantime, there are books to read, magazines to flip through, and the outdoors to enjoy---spring has come so early this year, I'm pinching myself to be sure it's real.  I think if I put a chair out on the deck to read the Sixteen Pleasures (due for book club by Wednesday), I'll feel virtuous, but probably spend all my time watching the seagulls dive for clams, the squirrels dig for nuts.  If I'm really lucky, I may see our newest family of wild turkeys, or the bald eagle.  Enjoy your spring time Sunday.


  1. I love herons! On the marshlands around here you can see a number of different types...great blue, white, snowy, Black-Crowned Night, great egrets..
    it will be a lovely piece.

  2. We are visited by a blue heron frequently, and we have a big male turkey and his harem up by our upper pond making one heck of a fuss. Every day I'm entertained by our pair of chipmunks and a red squirrel who gets in trouble, but at the moment I'm trying to discourage barn swallows from building a nest in the rafters of our patio. They built one when we were away a couple years ago, and what a mess they made. I don't want to go through that again, even if they are sweet and chirpy and cheerful.


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