Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Travels with Tutu

As you may have noticed, I haven't been blogging too much this past week.  We are on our semi-annual trip south to visit with relatives in the DC/Baltimore area.   We are having great fun and helping Mom with things it is getting harder for her to do.  She could do them, but why should she when she has able-bodied kids and inlaws to help.  So the roses are planted (she only has 61 in amongst the too many to count irises!), the computer is connecting to the internet again (it does help to turn on the modem), the window fans will get installed later this week, and Mom is now the proud holder of her very own Public Library Card!!!  She hadn't been to the library in almost 10 years, and was quite impressed with the assortment of services available.  She is not a big reader, but did pull several "this looks interesting" items off the shelf.

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Hampton National Historic Site just north of Baltimore.
  As a teenaged "senior" Girl Scout, I spent many a saturday working there as a docent about 50 years ago.  The park service has done an extensive restoration since I was last there, and I was blown away again by the beauty of this house.  Admission is free, so if you're ever in the Baltimore area, it is worth checking out.  It's just off the beltway so you can easily make it a stop on you way to or from DC.  And they have a sweet gift shop with some interesting books!

Today, I am off to my sister Cheli's for a huge book exchange.  It will be great to see her.  Stayed tuned for the list of goodies.


  1. "Travels With Tutu"...would make a great title for a book. If that Steinbeck fellow had not used it first for Charley...
    Lovely flowers.

  2. I LOVE those irises! They were a favorite of my mom.


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