Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Salon

We got SNOW!!! Just a nice 3-4" dusting that coated everything in crystal clean gorgeous white. Now it looks like winter, and really makes us ready for the upcoming holidays.

So, today, we're unpacking the Christmas angel collection to put up the foyer display, we're making our final baking list, we're watching a football game, and I'm reviewing 2009's reading to prepare my BEST OF THE YEAR list.  I'm also trying to catch up on reading all your wonderful blogs (I'm a week behind), and decide which of all these wonderful challenges I'm going to do for 2010.  Hubby has woodstove duty (and he's very good at it.) In the meantime, I'm listening to a terrific audio (I'll fill you in Wednesday in my weekly post), and periodically sitting down to read a chapter of each of my hard copy books.

Speaking of big hard cover books: I'm really being challenged by one of my current reads The Evolution of God, by Robert Wright.  I got this as an ARC back in late June, and have finally gotten around to feeling like I was ready to tackle its 500+ pages.  It's very deep, pretty interesting, but a bit too academic to suggest as a 'read it in one sitting' book.  Fortunately, it's written in short (3-5 page), well delineated sections so that I can read 15-20 pages at a time, and then put it down.  It may take me until next June to finish it!  So, in the meantime, it will remain in the 'currently reading' slide show in my sidebar, rotating with others I'm reading to lighten the load.

My other true blessing this Sunday is to report that thanks to my son-in-law, I have a huge 'doggie bag' of leftoever REAL southern ham (cooked in Dr. Pepper and crusted with gingersnaps) to have for dinner tonite.  All I have to do is whip up another batch of wicked good southern biscuits, breakout the mustard and cranberry sauce, and dinner is served! 

The sun is out, and it's almost half-time.  We're going to try to get some wreaths up on the windows outside...just keep thinking snow.  For those of us who choose to winter over in Maine, there's nothing better.


  1. We had about 1" of snow in southern PA, but it was pretty. Like you I am already thinking about my "year in review" post as well as next year's reading. I probably obsess about it, but I enjoy doing so!

    How was dinner?

  2. Dinner was great thanks for asking...I LOVE good Virginia ham...and I had a new batch of strawberry cranberry relish from a recipe my west coast sister in law sent, so it was a very national menu.

  3. Your "wicked good" comment sure reminds me of my Maine in-laws. Dave has lost his Maine accent :( and I miss the rich flavor of the dialect there. We had about 2" of snow in NE PA.

  4. Crusted in gingersnaps? I've never heard of that but it sounds delicious!

    We're supposed to get up to 10" of snow here today--want some?!


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