Monday, December 21, 2009

2010 Challenges - War through the Generations: Vietnam

Hosted by Anna (Diary of an Eccentric) and Serena (Saavy Verse & Wit) the  War Through the Generations challenge will focus in 2010 on the Vietnam war.

Both my husband and I served on active duty during the Vietnam War, but we both would like to understand that era a little better. This challenge has the following guidelines:
This year you have options when reading your fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, etc. with the Vietnam War as the primary or secondary theme.Books can take place before, during, or after the war.  Books from other challenges count so long as they meet the above criteria.
Dip: Read 5 books in any genre with the Vietnam War as a primary or secondary theme.
Wade: Read 6-10 books in any genre with the Vietnam War as a primary or secondary theme.
Swim: Read 11 or more books in any genre with the Vietnam War as a primary or secondary theme.
I'm going to go very easily and only commit to the Dip level. It will be an emotional stretch to go much further than that.


  1. I'm doing the Dip level as well. I'm looking forward to hearing your perspective throughout this challenge. Glad you joined :)

  2. It will be interesting to read your comments on books about Vietnam since you were both in the military then. You have a better perspective than most of us.

  3. I think your background with the war will definitely provide a unique perspective on the war.

    If you are interested, please feel free to have yourself and/or your husband write up a guest post about your experiences in the war. That would be great. We'd appreciate it.

    send it to warthroughgenerations AT gmail DOT com

    Thanks and welcome to the challenge.

  4. We're thrilled you'll be joining us. And I second are more than welcome to guest blog on War Through the Generations!

    Diary of an Eccentric


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