Sunday, December 27, 2009

Review: : The Sound of Sleigh Bells

A sweet little  Harlequin type romance set in Amish Pennsylvania.  I received this as an ARC, and it was an easy read during the hectic Christmas season.  The story is the typical girl meets boy, both have chips on shoulder, elders try to matchmake, principals resist matchmaking, etc etc etc.

The character development and motivation are above average for this genre, and the story goes along quickly.  I wouldn't rush out and look for more, but I think lots of people will find it a heartwarming read.

And in spite of the title, it doesn't even need to be billed as a Christmas book.


  1. I does look kind of cheesy. I guess it would be good for a nice fireplace read, eh?

  2. I actually liked this book a lot especially getting a peek into the world of the Amish. It's steps above a Harlequin romance.

  3. Kaye--I too think it is above the normal Harlequin level---that's why I said above average for character development and motivation. I didn't feel like throttling these characters like I do in some others.


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