Friday, December 11, 2009

Mini Review: Milk, Eggs, Vodka

A quick  fun read I had on my list for my food category in the 999 challenge. Keaggy has collected used grocery lists, and assembled them, along with funny, snarky, and insightful comments on who might have had such lists. The book actually shows the lists, with the bad penmanship, the eclectic assortment of paper (or wood chips) used to write them, and the abominable spelling. It was a quick and fun read...definitely not worth buying, but if you see at the library grab it for an enjoyable hour.

The author even has a web page with a downloadable master grocery list that looks kinda cool and a web site where you can submit your list if you think it's worth sharing.  All in all, a fun concept.


  1. it seems like a very unusual idea for a book...
    but then I never use a grocery list.
    I write one.
    and leave it home.

  2. They would have loved one of my husband's grocery lists. He spells things the way he says them with what's left of his Maine/Mass. accent. Very funny lists


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