Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Grocery Lists

People on LT have left comments on my thread similar to Caite's on my Milk, Vodka, Eggs post.  I have to agree...there is nothing more frustrating that taking inventory, planning menus, trolling through the coupon pile, making the list, double checking with others in the household, organizing the list by aisles, (or categories)  etc. and THEN LEAVING THE #)($*% THING HOME!!!!!

Just after Thanksgiving every year, I retrieve the cookie box from the attic ( I have all my favorite Christmas cookie recipes stored in a separate slip case) and spend a quiet evening sipping eggnog and deciding which cookies I'm going to bake, for whom, how many etc.  Then I make a list of how many eggs, how many cups of flour, sugar, milk, shortening, butter, etc, what extracts, spices, jimmies, sprinkles, paper liners I'm going to need, figure out what I already have in the pantry, and proceed to make THE LIST.

This year, when it came time to go shopping (the big store where I do this kind of shopping is an hour away and requires A TRIP), I couldn't find THE LIST.  My husband kept saying "Oh, you know what you need, you'll be alright" but I refused to budge without that list.  I knew WHAT I needed, just not how much.

How was I supposed to remember that I needed 4 lbs of sugar and 8 lbs of flour, (or was it 8 lbs of sugar and 4 lbs of flour?) or 28 eggs, or 6 lbs of butter and 5 lbs of raisins, or cinnamon, colored non-pareils, 10x sugar (2 lbs), etc etc etc....?

Then I remembered that I'd actually sorted out THE LIST on an Excel spreadsheet and saved the file..and I did go shopping with the list (and returned with it too!).  Now I just have to bake all of them, and get them in the mail to the relatives.

Oh...and after all that...the store didn't have any parchment paper ..........


  1. What a funny post. I nearly always forget to take my list but the nearest store is only 8 miles away. Of course when I take my husband along, most of what we buy is not on the list anyway and we are there "forever." Isn't parchment paper wonderful? Love the stuff.

  2. Good thing you mentioned parchment paper. I'm getting ready to start baking as soon as I'm back from the store and I had forgotten that I'm out of parchment paper.

  3. yes, if one has to drive an hour to the Big Store, you have to keep hold of that list!
    I am lucky to have a pretty well stocked smaller store just 5 minutes away...and three big supermarkets within 15-20 minutes.
    I usually end up making a couple of trips to both.

  4. I ended up making four trips to the store even though I had the LIST the first time. Good thing it's only 5 minutes away!


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