Thursday, October 8, 2009

Treasures in the Attic

Instead of my weekly Favorites from the Past post, I decided to chat about the  gorgeous autumn day I spent in the attic earlier this week---sorting and cataloging more books into our LT account.  When I climbed the steps, this is what greeted me.

After spending the afternoon digging thru the boxes, (I was actually looking for a specific non-book item for hubby) I can't say it was too much better, but here are some of the treasures I did manage to unearth and catalog. I was going to list many more, but getting the pictures to line up here is NOT working.  So we'll have pics of some, and discussion of others...

A couple of these were really fascinating: (There's no picture of this one) Tales of the Observer,  is a small pamphlet released by Jordan Marsh Co in Boston detailing the insider story of the retail business.  Published in 1950, during the Jordan Marsh heyday,  it gives us a good look at life in the founding of the store and life in the mid 1800s. I know JM merged and became Macy's in the late 1990's, and I'm not even sure that Macy's still exists, but this one is a great little read.  Not sure where it came from, or why we have it, but it's a treasure.

Another really interesting volume was one hubby picked up when he began teaching Social Studies and the Soviet Union was breaking up into pieces: The Nationalities Question in the Soviet Union.  Hubs said he used it several times as a reference, but it looks interesting enough to me that I've put it on the TBR mountain.  Why not?  I figure that just about the time I get all the "stans" straight in my mind, somebody will come along and decide to re-divide/re-name at least one of them! At least I have a provenance on this one.

Many of these were what may end up being (when I get them all unpacked) a complete set of National Geographic Special Editions published in 1990 to celebrate that division's 25th anniversary.  As with everything NGS publishes, they are prizes of lavish photos, eloquent phrases, and the stuff of dreams for youngsters.  They are on the shelf in the grand-babe corner of the attic (picture of that next time when we get it more organized).  One can still travel in books as well as on the internet or in a movie theater. And I obviously brought the New England Land of Scenic Splendor downstairs with me to soak up with tomorrow morning's cup of coffee.

All the links will take you to the LT book page in my library. If you interested in more details, click away.

So now....what's your 'Attic'?  A closet? A box under the bed? A shed? An extra room (be still my beating heart!)? We all have a secret stash of books someplace - where is yours?  How big is it? and how often do you add to it?  I'd love to compare notes.  Just call me nosy.


  1. Hi, Tina! If I just lived near your place, I'd volunteer to help you sort out your stuff. I just love discovering what people have managed to keep in their attics.

  2. What a fun idea....maybe I should have a cleanout party next time I get visitors...

  3. This looks like a fantastic treasure trove. Then again, I enjoy plowing through tucked away books so it makes me a little jealous you have this stash to wallow in!


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