Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cleaning the Shelf Contests

I usually just post contests in the sidebar because there are so many of them, and the posts get lost over the days, but these two deserve a look.

Over at Rhapsody in Books,
they're cleaning out some gorgeous shelves.  There's a giveaway for four different books, and some photos of some shelves that make even me jealous...I particularly like the hallway idea...ours is totally bare right now, and those 65 cartons in the attic are looking for a home.  Stop over and check out the shelves and the contest.  Deadline is October 29th.

Alyce of At Home with Books has begun having monthly book shelf cleaning giveaways.  I hope she keeps it up because one of these days I might win.  She always has some good pickin's.  Please stop by and check it out! This month's deadline is also October 29th.


  1. Didn't those shelves just make you salivate?!

  2. am also doing a monthly Top Shelf Book Giveaway to clear off my bookshelf

    this months link:

    will be adding older books as I start cleaning out the shelves, so you NEVER know what will pop up!


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