Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mixing It Up in New England

This month we are celebrating our 100th member in the New England Bloggers group hosted by Elizabeth at Thoughts from An Evil Overlord.  To encourage us to party hearty, Elizabeth suggested that we really get around and visit as many fellow NE bloggers as possible and then blog and link about the experience.

I started with my fellow Mainers-their list of accomplishments spells food, fun, and lots of creativity in scrapbooking, cooking, home-schooling, gardening, traveling, sewing, etc.  Here's the list of those I visited in Maine:

Eva at Wrestling With Retirement - my kinda woman- go check out her current ROAD TRIP
Julie at Stampin With Julie - I didn't know a thing about Stampin but boy--this blog is a wealth of information- and really pretty too!
Lori at A ScrapMom's Musings - Wow - there's a site that made me wish I had an extra 20 hours in my week so I could take up scrapbooking.  What an elegant site.
Penny at Penny's Art Room -another wealth of gorgeous fall photos and lots of creative ideas.
Jenny at ...My Perfectly, Imperfect Day who instantly wins the best looking doggie on the blog prize.  Her project 365 posts put her in my blog reader for sure.  They're wicked lovely.
Catherine at Art from the Heart- another fantastic site full of creative art techniques, and resources.
Dawn at C&G Design where doll making and crafting rule.
Debbie at Blueberry Plains whose photos of the recent harvest made me green with envy.
Lisa at Pink Porches - Whose blog isn't pink at all, but who can tell some great stories.
And April at coff-a-cup - her post Curtain rods in the land of make believe gets my nomination for tears-to-my-eyes laugher of the year.

Now my favorite New Englander tho has to be a fellow book blogger and she's Gwendolyn from Rhode Island at A Sea of Books.  Hubbie and I met in Newport RI 43 years ago, and made our honeymoon trip a trek through Maine...so I'm tied to both ends of this road.  Gwendolyn's insights on books, and things literary, along with her musings on living by the sea, and wonderful contests make her blog a winner in my book.

Later this week, I hope to peruse other blogs to see if I can't find other fellow book bloggers from New England.  If you're out there, stop by and say hello.  We can't expect Elizabeth to provide a dating service to match us all up.  In fact, let's definitely all make sure we stop by Thoughts from an Evil Overlord (be sure to read how she came up with that name!) and give Elizabeth a great big virtual hug for hosting this mixer.  It's been lots of fun and I look forward to her final mix-it=all-together post after the 20th.

Maybe we should look for a central NE Bloggers get-together site in the next few years!


  1. You beat me with getting this post up! Good for you!
    And thank you for your so kind words about me and my blog. I am really embarrassingly flattered. I enjoy visiting here with you, too!
    Looking forward to Elizabeth's mix-up - she really came up with a great idea!

  2. I'm not taking any awards for being first...I have about 3 different books about 1/2 way done and had nothing to post for a review....lots of audios scheduled for tomorrow, but it was looking really empty, so I decided to go ahead and do this part first. I still want to go peeking around some of the other states, but at least I got a start. Good to hear from you.

  3. Thank you for stopping by Art from the Heart. We lived in Newport 3 years ago when my husband was in the Navy...so glad to be away! Enjoy your tour, and thanks again for your lovely description of my blog!

  4. Hi Tina, Thanks for stopping by, Maine is a beautiful place to honeymoon, I've lived here all my life except the first three when born in Georgia.
    Some nice book ideas, hubs is a big worm when it comes to reading.

  5. Hey thanks so much for the shout out! Good to meet you and I will be back to peruse your blog some more. Winters in Maine are long and I will try to jump on the New England Blogger search when I can. Right now it's still busy but look forward to those lazy winter days. Thanks again!

  6. Hey, I got my post written yesterday...and it will post at midnight or so...

    Yours was one of the blogs I picked...now I'm going to check out the ones you picked...

  7. Hi! I am visiting from NE Bloggers! I wasn't able to make the rounds earlier this week so I am trying to visit as many as I can now! I love "meeting" fellow bloggers in New England. GREAT idea for a NE Bloggers meet-up! I am in MA.

  8. Great Post! Thank You for the insight on the ones I may not get to, and for the nice feed back about my blog.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my Blog. I just added some books to my "list of books to read" based on some of your reviews. Always love a good read especially as this Maine weather gets colder and keeps us indoors.


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