Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hidden in Plain View Thursdays

Buckley: The Right Word: About the Uses and Abuses of Language, including Vocabulary; Usage; Style & Speaking; Fiction
by William F. Buckley, Jr.

Welcome to the weekly feature where we use to pick a book from our library shelves (real or virtual) and bring it out into daylight.  To join in, the 'rules' are here.
     Be sure to leave us a link to your post so we can compare notes.

    This week's selection was hidden so well, I had to go to the attic annex to get it.  It looked so fascinating, it got promoted to the 'real' library downstairs.  Can you find it in the shot above? Answer at the bottom.

    Now here's a title!!.  I discovered William F. Buckley Jr last year.  We inherited a number of his books from auntie, and I had one of them, The Blackford Oakes Reader in my 999 challenge for short stories.  It was so delightful, I have resolved to read at least two more during the coming year.  This one looks like a winner, although at 541 pages, it is not necessarily one you'd want to read from cover to cover.  Since it is formatted as an omnibus series of essays, interviews, and other presentations, it looks doable in short bursts.  It certainly looks like something that would be fun to browse through.

    From the back cover: Buckley’s provocative observations on the use and abuse of English, gathered for the first time in a single volume - a “veritable cornucopia of language and logic that belongs in every library” (Library Journal). Edited by Samuel S. Vaughan.

    Did you find it?  Hint: It's on the top shelf at the left end of the books--next to the angel and the picture frame.

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    1. Now there was a man with a wonderful vocabulary!


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