Sunday, October 4, 2009

Review: Guardian of Lies

This is a "clear your calendar and prepare to stay up all night" thriller.  Although Martini plants numerous clues, and the reader thinks he knows what's happening, the plot twists are numerous, and aggregate into an incredible story featuring the Cuban missile crisis, the cold war, Homeland Security, the Columbian and Mexican drug cartels, a beautiful model from Costa Rica, Guantanamo bay detainees, missing nuclear weapons, and a bunch of lawyers in San Diego California trying to prosecute or defend the beautiful model when she is accused of killing a local coin dealer (who turns out to be a retired CIA operative).

Anyone else trying to tie all that together would have left us in a sinking morass of confusion.  Martini pulls it into a breath-taking fast-paced, very scary (because it's so believable) story with an acceptable resolution.

I've read several others in the Paul Madriani series.  I think this is definitely the best.  I'll certainly be looking for the rest. 

This was an Early Review book I received from LT. 


  1. Hi, Tutu! I'm really envious that you received an ARC of this book. I'm eagerly waiting for this.

  2. It is worth waiting for I promise...


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