Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend Cooking - Trolling for Maine Goodies

Beth Fish Reads sponsors this weekly meme where we foodies can chat about cookbooks, cooking gadgets, recipes, or anything else gustatory. Be sure to stop over there to find other terrific weekend cooking posts.

We've been blessed this week with spectacular weather, and have another week forecast.  Our blueberry crop here in Maine is ahead of schedule and we are all over dosing on gorgeous vine-ripened tomatoes, the smell of rosa rugosas, and lots of fresh seafood.  And the Lobster Festival is coming this week.
Last weekend, we took our visitors to the Owls Head General Store where they featured "The Best Hamburger in Maine" -- a designation awarded by the Food Network and I'm not going to argue with them.  It's called the 7 Napkin Hamburger.  I think we managed to keep it at 10!

That's also where we discovered the Blueberry Pop.  It's absolutely delish!

So come on up---the lobster's great, but we have other stuff too.  Now to kick back with a good book to enjoy the seabreeze.


  1. I wish we could take a trip to Maine now. We could see Dave's family of course, but we could also feast on seafood and the sound of the surf.

  2. next time I am up that way, I will most certainly check out that burger. I too love lobster, but a fine burger is a delight!


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