Monday, July 5, 2010

Bingo does it Again - Too Many to Miss

I love giveaway contests - I love hosting them, and of course,  I especially like winning them.  However, I can't begin to compete with Bingo over at Bookin' With Bingo.  She has so many great giveaways running right now, that I'd use up my entire left sidebar just posting them.  So instead, here's a direct link to her giveaway page (don't panic that it says 2009 at the top, I'm sure she just forgot to change that).  The giveaways are all current.  There are 25 (count 'em - 25) wonderful contests -several of them audio books.

In addition, she does great reviews and author interviews...And the blog is so Fun to look at.  Enjoy, enter, but don't forget - I entered too!!  Here's the Link Bookin' with Bingo


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