Thursday, July 8, 2010

Review: A Bad Day For Pretty

Author: Sophie Littlefield
Format: ARC galley 304 pages
Characters: Stella Hardesty, Sheriff "Goat" Jones
Subject: crime
Setting: non-specific town in the tornado belt
Series:  "Bad Day for...."
Genre: crime fiction
Source: Library Thing Early Review Program
Challenge: ARCs completed

Stella Hardesty makes her living "convincing" abusive males they really don't want to be abusive any more.  Her methodology is best described as extra-legal, and she withholds most of the details from her beau the local sheriff.  This episode of her adventures is the sequel to A Bad Day for Sorry, which I have not read, but I don't think that created any problem in understanding and enjoying this one.

Stella is called by a former client to help prove that her husband is not guilty of a murder he is suspected of.  While she's investigating this, Stella is still recovering from physical wounds suffered in a shooting during her previous adventures, and she is dealing with the sudden reappearance of Goat's ex-wife Brandy.  Or is she an ex-wife?  She's also breaking in a mysteriously adopted dog, training a new partner, and feeling quite jealous at the sudden arrival of a female forensic team member who obviously has her sights set on Goat also.

The plot in this one is somewhat convoluted, but I loved the characters, and I adored Stella's smart-ass take on life.  She is not going to let any man get the better of her, having already killed abusive husband #1.  Nuf said.  I don't want to ruin a solid read.  It's not great crime fiction, but it's more than just chick-lit.  Littlefield has given us a character who has much potential for future adventures.  Think Kinsey Milhone with a chip on her shoulder.

I received this free copy for review from the Library Thing Early Reviewers program in exchange for an honest review.


  1. good review.
    I do love that cover, with the baseball

  2. If the characters are compelling I can forgive some plot detractions.

  3. I can't wait to read both of these, thanks for the insights!

  4. This sounds like a fun read! Thanks for the review.


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