Friday, July 30, 2010

And the Winners are...................

I'm almost finished the first one in this series, and I'm telling you it's a page turner.  I'm especially pleased with the fact that Christopher Reich can tell a story that involves several different groups and many people, but you know who everyone is, and have no trouble following all these disparate strings.  Rules of Betrayal is the follow-up to Rules of Deception, and two lucky people are in for the thrill of the summer.  These books are heart pounding, 'take a deep breath' good.  Scary, but only in that you can truly imagine some of these scenarios happening, and hope that our government has its act together.

They prove you never know who to trust.

OK so enough already, WHO ARE THE WINNERS?

Jholden (a repeat winner, proving it pays to stop by and enter daily)

I'll be sending out the emails this afternoon, and the winners have until 6:PM Monday August 1st to let me their mailing address.  Congratulations.

Thanks again to Doubleday for providing the copies for this contest.


  1. I may not have won, but at least now I know he was born in Japan!

    Congrads to the winners!

  2. Thanks so much, Tutu! I will be on the lookout for your email!


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