Friday, July 23, 2010

The Latest Batch of Winners

We have winners!!

I'm almost finished Red Hook Road and will post a review sometime next week.  I'm having a hard time tearing myself from reading it to do these contest posts - it's that good.  

I haven't gotten my review copy of Impostor's Daughter yet, but I can't wait!

In the meantime, the entries are in and has chosen some new followers, a devoted long-time follower (but first time winner) and a repeat winner.  So it appears the boast is true - no favoritism from Random.

Red Hook Road will go to

Emails have gone out  and winners have already replied, so those copies should be in the mail this week.
Copies of Impostor's Daughter go to
Etirv (she's a repeat winner - pays to keep coming back!)
Emails have gone to these three and they have until Monday July 26th to get to me with an address, or we'll have Random draw another winner.
Thanks so much to all of  you who visited and entered.  Be sure to come back often, there are more contests running.


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