Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Salon -More Guest prep

Yesterday I mentioned that we have fun company arriving later this week. Now I'm really excited because my gorgeous daughter - she of gimlet making fame - called to say she really needed a few days to chill and could she come join us. She even allowed as how she wouldn't mind sleeping on the sofa bed. Now there's a guest to love! She's also an awesome baker, so together, we'll be able to crank out some goodies, and settle back and have a great visit. The fact that she can read a book at the speed of lightening, and has really eclectic reading tastes, makes her all the more interesting to have around. Her geeky tech skills will hopefully go unneeded.  Best of all, she and her godfather really enjoy each other's company (she once spent three weeks visting with them in Naples Italy when she was a teenager) and we should all have a special visit.

So, I'm spiffing up the rest of the house, mentally making menus, and watching the Sox hand another game to TEXAS. SIGH.....................

It's just too hot to do just about anything. Thank goodness we were smart enough to install ceiling fans in every room when we built this house 6 years ago. I think it's time for an iced tea break (blueberry of course) and a few minutes of reading..

Enjoy your summer Sunday.


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