Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Cooking - Guests are Coming!

My culinary endeavors this weekend are mental.  Next week (not until Thursday), one of our bestest friends in the world is coming to visit from Texas. He's an old navy buddy, godfather to our daughter, and a good ole farm boy if there ever was one.  Of course, he doesn't eat things from the ocean, and of course, we live in seafood heaven.  Now we eat meat, and potatoes, and corn, but I'm having to juggle my usual 'guest' menu to avoid seafood thingies...

So as I'm frantically collecting dust bunnies and putting clean sheets on the guest bed, and cleaning the guest bathroom, etc etc, etc, I'm listening to an audio book (the delightful Major Pettigrew's Last Stand) and stopping frequently to jot notes on a notepad in my pocket. 

So far the shopping list for food includes

Buffalo steaks
Gimlet makings (note to self--call daughter and get Uncle K's recipe for gimlets)
Cream (for homemade ice cream - flavor depends on what fruit is available at the Farm Market this week)
etc, etc, etc....

And Saturday, the library is having its annual Flea Market, including a Bake and Book sale.  Of course I promised to bake goodies for that.  Wouldn't you know that this week promises to be one of the hottest on record?  Hmmmm.....looks like lots of early, early morning baking since our sea breeze seems to have gone to Nova Scotia, and we don't have AC. 

Tonight, I'll try to plan out some menus (over at Caite's A Lovely Shore Breeze, her Weekend Cooking recipe for corn fritters looks like a winner), decide what cookies, brownies or other quickies to bake, double check the larder, and settle back to watch the Sox while I sample the local ice cream-do I stay with my favorite Ginger, or venture into something different like Pistachio?

What's cooking at your house this weekend?  If you're as warm as we are, I sure hope whatever it is, it's cooking outdoors.  For more exciting food thoughts check out others at  Beth Fish Reads who sponsors this weekly meme where we foodies can chat about cookbooks, cooking gadgets, recipes, or anything else gustatory.


  1. We don't have AC either, so I've pretty much stopped cooking until fall. Dave doesn't even grill much now. It's just TOO DARNED HOT!

  2. WHat a yummy post! lol Your list sounds great! I am a fan of simple cooking with good, fresh ingredients. I think you are right to do any cooking or baking as early in the day as possible because this week is supposed to be hot, Hot HOT! and today is already hot!
    I'm a fan of Pistachio ice cream although Ginger is great too!
    I know your guest will have a wonderful time with you.

    Are you planning to shop for any books at you library's flea market?

    Have a good Sunday!
    ~ Amy

  3. I've never tried ginger ice cream, but it sounds really delicious! Enjoy your company. It sounds like fun.

  4. when I come to visit, feel free to serve me seafood at every meal. Lobster should be at the top of the list, but any seafood will be grand. :-)

    Also, I discovered corn fritters reheat well.


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