Thursday, March 11, 2010

Review: Morning Show Murders

Author: Al Roker
Format:8 discs (9 + hrs), 320 pg equivalent
Narrator:  Al Roker and Dick Lochte
Characters: Chef Billy Blessing,
Subject: murder; TV shows
Setting: New York
Genre: amateur sleuth detective mystery
Source: public library
Challenge: Audio books, Support your Local Library

A very predictable, run of the mill mystery. Chef Billy Blessing (a poorly disguised stand-in for Al Roker of NBC's TODAY Show fame) runs a restaurant, lives in digs upstairs, has a running gig on the Morning Show doing interviews, food segments, Man-about-town, etc.  However, he does not get along with one of the show's producers who turns up dead early in the story. Food from  Chef Blessing's restaurant is found at the victim's home, and the poor guy seems to have died from poison contained in the food.  Chef Blessing is of course accused of the murder, and decides he'll have to take things in his own hands and solve this crime.

There is a believable but non-too-exciting side cast of  characters, and several plot twists that aren't twisty at all.  They were basically ho-hum.  I listened to this one on audio-- it was OK, but much as I like the real Al Roker on TV when I only have to listen to him in 3-4 minutes segments, I found his voice very irritating for long run narration.  The whole thing was so unimpressive, I almost abandoned it out of boredom.

And there weren't even any good recipes.

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  1. gosh, everyone thinks they can write a book. Guess this is proof that they can't.


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