Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meet my new Best Friend

As many of you know, I get most of my required exercise in the therapy pool at the local YMCA.  However, that has always been time lost from reading.  And you also probably know that I love audio books.   Due to various physical restrictions (you don't need the gruesome details), most forms of impact producing exercise are likely to leave me in pain so I enjoy the pool and get a good work out.  And many big hardcover books are actually painful for me to hold.  I could at least put a book on the rack of a treadmill, or listen to my MP3 on the elliptical or while I'm out taking a walk, but in the water????? ya go.  I don't normally like to do commercials on my blog, but I will simply say that I got it on the internet and it was $30 including shipping.....not bad.  And it works..  The company is GSI.

You slip your ipod or MP3 into the pouch, attach it to the jack inside, snap the pouch closed, hook the waterproof (included and VERY comfortable) earphones to the jack on the outside, slip the arm band on and jump in.   Another way to enjoy those audio books.  The sound quality isn't Carnegie Hall, but it works just fine thank you.

It doesn't look all that sturdy, and I'm going to be testing it frequently to be sure it's not developing any leaks, but WOW did I enjoy my workout today.  No more excuses. 

Hmmmm.....maybe I should identify a pile of bubble bath audio!


  1. It looks a little strange, but if it works well, then you are on to something great!

  2. The picture does look strange. But it's essentially a pouch that straps on your arm just like a regular iPod case, except this one's waterproof. The picture I think is just trying to show you how thin it is.

  3. long as it does not leak. eeek!

  4. Sounds like an interesting product. you'll have to keep us posted on its durability and sealant!

  5. Okay, Where did you find this?

  6. What will they think of next?


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