Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review: Lake Magic

Author: Kimberly Fisk
Format: mass market paperback, 336 pages
Characters: Jennifer Bekinsale, and Jared Worth
Subject: relationships
Setting: Pacific Northwest

Genre: fiction- romance
Source: LibraryThing Early Review program

A pleasant romance with just enough sexual tension to keep the reader from falling asleep.  While not the traditional bodice ripper, the story is fairly predictable: girl loses love of life; love of life's best friend shows up.  Girl hates new guy, new guy thinks he hates best friend's girl.  Both must work together to keep the dead dude's business get the picture. As a sideline to add interest, there are some family dynamics from girl's side-- a career woman sister whose son is floundering without parental guidance, overbearing mother, stuck-up attorney brother...etc etc etc.

In spite of the formulaic plot and setting, the characters are reasonably well drawn, the writing is clean, and in the end.......well no spoilers here.

I do wish the editing could have been tighter.  After a while, the recitation of the mental gymnastics of the two main characters got to be a bit much as they struggled to resolve the angst of this relationship.  All in all tho, it's an nice read for a rainy afternoon.


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