Monday, March 15, 2010

Mailbox Monday

It's Mailbox Monday, the wonderful meme sponsored by Marcia at The Printed Page, is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week.

In addition to the treasures the library found for me this past week, the postman (or in my case it's often the big brown truck!) delivered these:

The Unnamed -  an audio book I won from a contest on So Many Precious Books.....thanks Teddy Rose

I love audio books, and am looking forward to this one.  According to the back cover blurb:

Tim Farnsworth is a handsome, healthy man, aging with the grace of a matinee idol...
He loves his wife, his family, his work, his home...
And then one day he stands up and walks out. And keeps walking..

...a dazzling novel about life and marriage ...a heartbreaking story of a life taken for granted and what happens when that life is abruptly and irrevocably taken away.

Postcards from a Dead Girl- another contest win , this one from Alyce of At Home with Books.  
Amazon's sales pitch says:

... the tragicomic story of Sid Higgins, a twenty-something telemarketer in the midst of a crisis. His sales are down, he thinks he might have a brain tumor, and his ex-girlfriend, Zoe, keeps sending postcards from exotic locations but he's pretty sure she's dead. Sid's family isn't much help. His sister Natalie accuses him of being a hypochondriac. His mother has been deceased for years, but complains occasionally through a bottle of '67 Bordeaux. And his dog, Zero, hounds him to stop worrying so much. Intent on solving the mystery of the postcards, Sid embarks on a journey to trace their origin. His search takes him from New Jersey laundromats to Barcelona discotheques, but he's always one step away from the truth. Part Walter Mitty, part Woody Allen, Sid must come to terms with the dark reality of his past to make way for something (or someone) good in his future.
Doesn't this just sound like a hoot?

The Man from Saigon -This one is my snatch from the February list of Early Review books on LibraryThing.  I'm really excited about this one since I'm participating in the War Through the Generations Challenge reading about Vietnam this year. Here's the description from the Early Review posting:

An enthralling and beautiful new novel about love and allegiance during the Vietnam War, from the author of Daniel Isn't Talking and Dying Young. It's 1967, and Susan Gifford is one of the first female correspondents on assignment in Saigon, dedicated to her job and passionately in love with an American TV reporter. Son is a Vietnamese photographer anxious to get his work into the American press. Together they cover every aspect of the war from combat missions to the workings of field hospitals. Then one November morning, narrowly escaping death during an ambush, Susan and Son find themselves the prisoners of three Vietcong soldiers who have been separated from their unit.
Now, under constant threat from American air strikes, helpless in the hands of the enemy, they face the daily hardships of the jungle together. As time passes, the bond between Susan and Son deepens, and it becomes increasingly difficult for Son to harbor the secret that could have profound consequences for them both.
The Swimming Pool - An ARC from the publisher that I got through Shelf Awareness.  Here's the blurb:

A heartbreaking affair, an unsolved murder, an explosive romance: welcome to summer on the Cape in this powerful debut.

Seven summers ago, Marcella Atkinson fell in love with Cecil McClatchey, a married father of two. But on the same night their romance abruptly ended, Cecil's wife was found murdered—and their lives changed forever. The case was never solved, and Cecil died soon after, an uncharged suspect.

Now divorced and estranged from her only daughter, Marcella lives alone, mired in grief and guilt. ....In what is sure to be the debut of the season,
The Swimming Pool delivers a sensuous narrative of such force and depth that you won't be able to put it down.

So many books, so little time......what was in your mailbox this week?


  1. This is an interesting mix of titles! They all sound good, too!

  2. Can't wait to see what you think of The Man from Saigon! I had hoped to get that one from early reviewers, but no luck. Enjoy your books.

  3. The Man From Saigon sounds really good. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on it!

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