Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thanksgiving....the mere word always brings to mind holiday, food, family, football, Pilgrims and Indians, turkey, cranberries, piles of leaves, pies, long winter naps, the best dishes, and cloth napkins.

More than any day of the year, This is the one time we stop to take account of our matter what religion we profess (or not), not matter where we live, we take the time to say "Thank you" for everything:

  • for life, in all its forms, in all its stages and for its Giver.
  • for family and the freedom to be with them, love them and accept their love in return.
  • for family who cannot be with us physically but who are with us always in our hearts.
  • for food and the ability to be able to provide it for ourselves, our families, and others.
  • for the changing seasons with their message of the earth renewing itself for another growing season come spring.
  • for our ability to worship whom, where,when and how we choose.
  • for our ability to educate ourselves and our progeny.
  • for the freedom to travel, to meet others on this planet and sample the diversity that makes us so wonderful.
  • for books, and the freedom to read them (in whatever format) and the guarantee of access to them.
  • for friends and the affirmation and fellowship they give us.
  • for caregivers who may not have the day free to eat and indulge, but who care for those unable to provide for themselves.
  • for the planet earth with its gifts of life-sustaining air, water, food, and land to live on.
  • for those who are no longer with us, for the love and lessons they bequeathed.
 May we all have a wonderful festive, belly-fulling, reflective Thanksgiving holiday whether we are alone, with family, with friends, or in harms way.
  God bless us all.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Tina. So loved your list of things to be thankful for.

  2. Hear, hear! Happy Thanksgiving, Tina. Have a day full of contentment even though your family is far away, because you know they are thinking of you with love too.

  3. Just popping in to say Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I hope you have a wonderful day.


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