Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hidden in Plain View Thursdays

Cat and Mouse
by James Patterson

Welcome to the weekly feature where we use to pick a book from our library shelves (real or virtual) and bring it out into daylight.  To play along check these guidelines.

Be sure to leave us a link to your post so we can compare notes.
Can you find it in plain view? Answer at the bottom of the page.

I've read a few of James Patterson's books, mostly the Women's Detective Club series, but this is another we inherited, along with a substantial number of his works.  According to what I find on LibraryTHing, this is #4 of the Alex Cross series (of which there are 18).  I think I might try one of them in the next year because they are exciting and well plotted.  My problem with the WDC series is that, like many series, they started getting formulaic, and I'm hoping maybe since this is early in the series, it will be OK.  Besides, if I haven't read any of the others, how would I know if it's following a formula?
From the jacket: That monstrous villain Gary Soneji is back in Cat & Mouse, the fourth book in James Patterson's series about Alex Cross, a police forensic psychologist, but he's not alone. In seeming support of the premise that you can never have too much of a bad thing, Patterson has thrown a second serial killer into the mix: Mr. Smith, a mysterious killer terrorizing Europe while Soneji practices his own brand of evil along the Eastern Seaboard. With two killers to track, Cross has his hands full--and Patterson has another hit.
By the way, if anyone has read and reviewed this book, please leave us a comment and a link to your review.  We'd love to hear what others have said.  I can't possibly read every book in my library.  That's why I have so much fun with this meme.....I can feature a book on my shelves without feeling like I have to drop everything and read/review it.

It's hidden in plain view on the middle shelf 3rd  from the left. (and yes...that's Tutu and handsome escort on the right.)


  1. I have a Patterson Book "Run for Your Life" to review. Hoping it will be a good book for a cold night -- we'll see.

  2. another example of how useful Library Thing tell you series order!
    personal, as I have mentioned before, I long ago gave up on Patterson.

  3. Hi TuTu! I just discovered your blog, and I love your meme! I just joined in (I know, it's a day off...I'll do it on Thursday next time. :) ).

    Have a great reading week!


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