Monday, November 2, 2009

Muddled in the Middle

Last week when I posted David Carr's delightful piece Stuck in a Book, little did I know that I was about to fall victim of the same syndrome.  I'm currently STUCK in the middle of my audio book "Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Luiz Zafon.  It's really a good book, but I suspect that my lack of a real chunk of time to listen and/or read it, is causing me to feel ambivalent.  The writing is so crisp and clear, since I was just in Barcelona 8 weeks ago strolling the very streets and venues featured in this story, I'm really enjoying the scene, and the characters.  It's just that the story does not seem to be going anyplace, and I'm literally falling asleep listening to it. I'm just waiting and waiting and waiting for something to HAPPEN. And it's not.

So, I am reluctantly putting it on hold and will try to finish it again later this winter.  It's due at the library (as in the dowload rights will expire) in two days, so I'll wait till I can get it again. 

Although I usually enjoy audio books, I'm really having a hard time on this trip...too many distractions and then I'm too tired. 


  1. I read this book a while ago and felt something very similar. I actually felt as though I wasn't really "getting" what was happening. I thought maybe the book was too highbrow for me. That's why I was reluctant to read Zafon's new book, The Angel's Game. But, I'm reading it now and I'm happy to report that I'm not having any problem "getting" it. The story is interesting, the writing is good, but the middle has bogged down a bit. Maybe it's just his style.

  2. I love this book but I think it needs to read.

    The middle does get a little complicated but with a book you can flip back or reread passages whereas with audio you might feel it was running ahead of you.

    I hope you do finish it and enjoy it too

  3. Pam & Esther....thanks for your encouragement. I think Esther is correct--this one will probably go better as a hard cover, rather than audio. I also got the same reaction from a good friend I visited last week.

    She also indicated it bogged down right about where i gave up. she was reading it with a book group, and said had she not been with the group, she wouldn't have finished it, but was glad she did. So I'm going to look for a hard copy and go from there. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog.


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