Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Review: Angels, a Pop-up Book by Chuck Fischer

Some people display trains at Christmas, some people build villages, some have hundreds of Santas and elves.  I do Angels.  My late blessed mother-in-law got me started by giving us a set of seven ceramic angels of various sizes and colors and shapes for our first Christmas together.  No matter where we lived as we traveled around the world, those angels came out of their box and we knew it was home, and it was Christmas.  Then several years later, when auntie died (she who left us all her books) we discovered that my m-i-l, (her niece) had given her a set that same year.  So now we have two complete sets.  But in the meantime, I've been collecting angels to add to the scene (they are placed around our creche) from Japan, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Italy, England, Scotland, you name it.

When this ARC arrived today (I was fortunate enought to win it in a giveaway contest) my first thought was that it would make a splendid Christmas gift to our grand-daughter, who also collects angels, but that thought lasted two nanoseconds--only until I opened the first page.  THIS BOOK IS MINE.  It is absolutely breathtaking in concept. I had no choice but to drop everything I was doing and sit down and wallow in its beauty.  The research and descriptions are splendid---they enhance the artwork.
Arranged in three sections: "Messengers", "A Hierarchy of Angels", and "Secular Angels," it has something for everyone.  Whether you believe angels are a spiritual reality serving in the celestial family of the deity, or you think they are simply decorative adornments to art works, this book will appeal to you.

The pop-up format adds considerably to its enjoyment bringing a third dimension to the reader's experience.  In addition to gigantic and detailed two page pop-ups,(they can be seen from either side of the book-front and back) there are tiny side "books" (about 3x4) on the sides with additional pictures and text supplementing the visual sensation. It certainly is not a book to be handed to a young toddler, but a youngster who can sit with a parent, or grandparent, or aunt or uncle and respect a book will be as enchanted as the adult doing the reading.  I'll just give you a peek...then you can go get yours and enjoy.  Here's The Archangel Michael. Fischer's artwork is masterful and can only be believed by seeing it in person. This picture will whet your appetite, but it does not do it justice.


  1. Hi, Tina! I've rediscovered the joy of reading a popup book now that I have a three-year-old niece. They're so wonderful to go through. Since my niece has just turned 3, I read popup books with her. The joy of seeing the delight in her eyes every time we turn a page is priceless.

  2. There are some beautiful pop-ups out there. Two of my favorites were ones my kids got from National Geographic (?) or National Wildlife foundation...I'll have to check next time I'm up in the attic kiddie corner. One was about dinosaurs, and the other I think was about deserts??? My son, and then his daughter both loved them. There is so much to get a child to talk about while providing them with an opportunity to learn that books are fun.

  3. I love pop-up books! I have not seen this one yet but I guess I am going to have to buy
    The one on dinosaurs...and I think I bought a great one on castles but I gave them as gifts. After 'reading' them first of course.

  4. Caite = what makes this one so good for adults, is that there is actually some 'reading' in there. It's just a treasure.


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