Saturday, November 14, 2009

Road trip : I'll never catch up!

Now that we've arrived home safely, and the check engine light is off (it was on almost the whole way to Florida), we are slowly unpacking, reading mail, logging in all the new books that arrived while we were gone, and trying to relax, and catch up.  My blog feeder may go into shutdown--there are 1098 posts waiting for me.  I refuse to try to read blog posts on a Blackberry, and altho I had my laptop with me, I had very little free time, and used that to do actual reading. I finished 4 books while we were gone and abandoned, set aside, or am otherwise into another 4:

Finished Sarah Graves "Dead Cat Bounce"and The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe, a good chunk of Nancy Atherton's "Aunt Dimity Slays the Dragon", The Recipe Club by Andrea Israel, and I was halfway through Banana Yoshimoto's wonderful little tome "Kitchen" when I LOST THE BOOK.  (loud booing, hissing, jeering permitted). I have just sent an email to the friend in whose wonderful sleep inducing guest bed  I slept when it was last 'alive' to see if I lost it deep in the covers. It's a tiny book and easily misplaced. I was really getting into it and was within 2 hours of finishing it. WAH........

I also finished an Irish Country Christmas by Patrick Taylor on audio, decided to set aside A Shadow in the Wind by Carl Ruiz Zafron, but will be picking it back up later this week based on a recommendation from one of the friends we visited in Florida.  Right now I'm listening to Malice Prepense, a Barbara Holloway story by Kate Wilhelm. 

When we got home the mailbox had 4 books on Afghanistan, 3 more on Somalia (all for hubbie's research on his latest book), and ONLY 4 for Tutu--one I never ordered or asked for that was sent unsolicited by the author (not my taste at all-- it will go to the library's book sale), a copy of Triangle of Deception by Haggai Carmon (also sent by the author at my request), A Better War by Lewis Sorley (hubbie and I are both Vietnam vets and were anxious to read this one, so we bought it from Amazon), and Anne Perry's Silent Nights ( a B&N bargain table book I bought while in DC).  It was almost a relief to be able to say ONLY three....It gives me a chance to catch up.  The ones I've finished are reviewed in separate posts (the links will take you there.)  Stay tuned for more Christmas and food fun as I try to finish my second 999 challenge of the year, and catch up on ARCs. 

The photo is of our home on the beach in Mayport Florida where we lived over 25 years ago...It's still there, but now obviously under renovation.  This was taken about 24 hours ahead of Hurricane Ida.

Update 11/16/09: The missing book KITCHEN  has been found, and is being UPS'd up here by one of my bestest friends. Can't wait to finish it.!


  1. I think NJ suffered way more damage from Ida..or the nor'easter she resulted in...that the gulf. three- four days of terrible flooding along the coast.

    what did you think of An Irish Country Christmas? I have it from last year and have not listened to it yet. :-(

  2. Caite...I enjoyed Irish Country Christmas quite a bit. The narrator's brogue was pleasant, the characters are delightful, and there's just enough suspense to keep it going. I'll have more on the next weekly earplugs post.


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