Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Salon: August 2nd

If you read this on Sunday, I will be reading on the plane or in an airport, or on another plane. I may also be audio 'reading' as I drive home from the airport. It will be a long day. The grand-daughter has to return to her parents in Virginia, and this time Tutu gets to be the plane escort. She is a delightfully fun traveler, and even with the 3 hr drive to the airport, the short flight to DC, and a turn around and do it in the other direction trip, it will be worth having had her for two delightful weeks. We got a lot of reading done, and a lot of lobsters eaten; we discovered a new museum- the Coastal Children's museum in Rockland Maine--if you are ever in the area with a child between 1 and 12, it is a fantastic way to spend an hour or spend a day. I got a tatoo, I was served plastic lunch, we figured out the gear wall, and I got a new black and red doll shaped bookmark to go with the Red to Black ARC I happened to be toting along. After we spent several hours at the beach Saturday on a perfect Maine summer blue sky day, we checked on the puffin cams at the Project Puffin visitor center, and sadly returned home to separate the library books from those that would go home with her, do the dirty laundry, make some last entries in her trip journal, put the pictures on CDs to take home, and have a final Jeremy and the Ghost story hour with Grampa. We will miss her, but will cherish the thoughts that our love of books and story hours has taken hold. Aside from liking lobsters, I can't think of a better value to pass to our grandchild.


  1. The security of knowing that she is loved apart (and I'm sure she has that as well),there is nothing better that you could have given her. It sounds to me as though she's set up for life.

  2. I bet you are a very sweet and fun grandma. I am a grandma too. It's a wonderful experience.

  3. darn! because of some sort of RealPlayer issue I can't get the Puffin Cam to work...and I love puffins.... {{sob}}


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