Thursday, August 27, 2009

Review: Passeggiata: Strolling Through Italy

Now that we've arrived in Rome, I'm so glad I strolled through this book last month to revive my memories of previous trips to Italy. Although hubbie and I don't have time on this cruise to spend a lot of time strolling, we will have two days - one in Rome and one in Florence to see sights we missed on previous visits. This little treasure is a perfect starter for someone who has never visited this glorious country, who wants to get a feeling of life as it can be in the land of gelato, Michaelangelo, Dante, domes, fountains, and vespas. I don't think anyone can ever see it all, but the Husaks give us a sweet picture, wonderful suggestions, and re-engender the urge to do Italy over and over and over and over. I hope to post pictures of our passeggiata later tonight.


  1. I'm glad to learn of this book. My husband's cousin who is my best email pal, lives in Rome and I'm dying to visit her. Too bad you only have one day there.



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