Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Challenges = Part II

Many of us here in bloggerville can't seem to resist the challenge of the challenge. That is -- one of us says "I'm going to read 350 comic books this year, how many can you read? Let's have a challenge."

Well Tutu joined a lot of these challenges for 2010, and they were in fact a lot of fun. They were also a lot of work to keep track of and I'm not sure I linked to all the linkies and posted all the appropriate info at the right time. To my fellow bloggers who hosted and posted, thank you for making my reading experience such a full one this past year, and my apologies if I didn't fill in all the blanks correctly. Here's how I did on the challenges that were limited to this year.

Support your Local Library

Goal - "Just my size" - read 50 books from the library
Finished reading - 104
I read so many from the library that I just never got over to J. Kaye's blog to repost.  Thanks so much for hosting this for so many folks!

TBR Challenge
Goal - read 12 in my possession (and on a list) January 1, 2010
Actually read - 3
I obviously didn't do as well on this one--- too many new ones kept creeping into my mailbox and library bag.  I'm going to keep trying to whittle down the TBR list, but it's like the loaves and fishes....I seem to put 2 new ones on the list for every one I take off.  I have a solution I'm going to try on this for 2011, so stayed tuned because I'll be talking about it in January after I figure out exactly how I'm going to handle the ever growing pile.

War through the Generations
Goal-- originally set at "dip": 5 books
Actually read --I got to the "wade" level - 7 finished
This one really scared me.  I wasn't sure I was going to be able to finish anything about war, but found when I got into it, I really appreciated having a framework to use to learn more about this important chapter in our history.  The 2011 challenge to read about the civil war doesn't have as much appeal for me, but I do have two or three other Vietnam books I intend to read this year.

Audio books
Goal - obsessed level - 20
Actually read -70
also downloaded 5 "epub"
Royal Reviews hosted this one, and I can tell you for me it was a no-brainer.  I love audio books, and really enjoyed playing in this one.

Thriller-Suspense mystery
Goal - 12 books in 12 months
Actually read - 57
Book Chick City hosted this one.  It was the first one I completed .  My first twelve mysteries were done by February. I truly love mysteries in almost all of the 38 different genres involved.  I will certainly be continuing these throughout 2011.

Advanced Reading Copies/Early Review challenge
Goal - 12
Actually read - 47
Thanks to Teddy Rose for hosting this one.  And many many thanks to all the authors and publishers who honored me with review copies.  I'm just sorry I couldn't get to each and every one of them I received.

Reading from my Shelves
Goal - minimum of 20
Actually read - 20
Diane of Bibliophile by the Sea hosted this last year and is doing so again for 2011.  This is the only challenge I'm tempted to join for the new year because it helps push me to read more of all those yummy books that continually scream 'pick me, pick me!' every time I walk into my office/library.

Medical mysteries
Goal= 6
Actually read - only read one - Completely abandoned this one early!!!  I just couldn't get into this one, and I don't know whether it got crowded out by all the others or whether I just wasn't getting the right books, or I just wasn't looking. Wendy of A Novel Challenge is hosting it again this year if anyone is interested.

Typically British Reading challenge
Goal -"Gordon Bennett" level- read 4
Actually read -12
Another great challenge hosted by Book Chick City....I originally joined just because I couldn't resist the bull-dog on the button.  Lots of fun, and I read I lot more than I thought I did at the end.  As with the others, I just plain forgot to go post my linkies...

Books Won Reading challenge
Goal - read 6
Actually read - 9
Another hosted by Teddy Rose at Rose City Reader

So the year of the challenge is over. Even though I'm not entering any formal challenges for 2011, I do have a reading plan laid out for next year.  I'll be discussing that one tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening festivities, stay warm, dry and safe, and we'll see you in the New Year.

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  1. Tina, Thanks for sharing this info. I struggle with the TBR all the time and I am encouraged now that I know I am not the only one. I am looking forward to seeing your plan. Maybe I can take some pointers away with me that will help in the New Year. Best to you.

  2. Thanks for taking part in the Vietnam War challenge, and congrats on completing it. I hope you'll consider joining us again in 2012...not sure what we'll be covering yet.

    If you're interested, there are some giveaways for challenge participants posted on War Through the Generations.


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