Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mini Review: A Bone to Pick

Author: Charlaine Harris
Format: audio book 6 hr, 15 min, 272 page equivalent
Characters:Aurora Teagarden
Subject: unsolved murder
Setting: Georgia
Series: Aurora Teagarden mysteries
Genre: cozy mystery
Source: public library

While I'm not a big fan of the Southern Vampire series featuringSookie Stackhouse,  I have enjoyed Harris' Harper Connelly series, and while looking for one of those to read, came across Aurora Teagarden, another of her cozy series I seem to have overlooked  in the past.  How could I have missed these?  A librarian who helps solve murders?

Well constructed with some interesting characters, this delightful tale has all the standard ingredients of an amateur sleuth cozy murder mystery: intelligent professional woman who suffers from above average curiosity, and below average willingness to let the professionals handle the sleuthing; a cast of characters with enough meat on their bones to offer several different prospects for a culprit; a handsome, mannerly, and eligible suitor;  an endearing pet (in this case a big orange cat named Madeline); a town eccentric in the person of an elderly spinster who leaves her house "and everything in it" to our heroine; a domineering mother--and a totally implausible mystery resulting from the "everything in it"  whose details will not be revealed here. Don't want to spoil the fun!

Perfect  for a snowy evening with a cup of chocolate while others are watching football games.  And fun enough to have me go checking out at least one more to see if the series is worth pursuing.


  1. I'm not interested in the Sookie Stackhouse series either, but I did like the Harper one I read and this one too sounds like fun.

  2. I always liked Aurora Teagarden - I wish Harris did not give up on this series. Vampires has 0 interest for me.


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