Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Challenges - How'd we do?

This was the year of the challenge...and I really got carried away. I enjoyed each and every one of them, even those I abandoned. I read books I might never have read, I cleaned a few off the TBR shelf, but I suspect like most of you, there are now more books then ever on the growing out of control list of those I'd like to read.If there is any truth to the saying that God created me to accomplish a certain number of tasks before I die, and if one of those tasks is reading the books I want to read, then I'm going to live forever!!

Because I had so many challenges, and reporting on them will involve a lot of linking, I'm going to break up this end of year stats report into several posts:
  1. Basic stats for the year
  2. Limited to 2010 Challenges
  3. Ongoing lifetime challenges
So here's the basic Stats:  199 books picked and begun.  186 completed
  • Print 124
  • Audio 70
  • Ebooks 5
  • From library 104
  • My own         95 (includes ARCs received)
  • Fiction          138
  • Non-fiction     43
  • YA/Juv             5
  • Abandoned     13
All in all it was a pretty good year.  I have put 6 of the abandoned books back in the TBR pile for another look later on.  The others were hopeless.

Next up I'll give you the scoop on how I did with my challenges.  Keep on reading!

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  1. I'm catching up on my blog reading and just wanted to say you did good ... especially in your use of the library!


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